Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS)

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Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS):
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The initial situation

Especially in aviation or the automotive industry, the correct tightening of bolted connections plays a major role. The VDI/VDE 2862 guideline defines that errors in class A bolted connections can lead to danger to life and limb – thus the highest precision is required. Verifiable quality is a particular challenge, especially in the service and maintenance sector, but also for suppliers.

DAPTIQ® – Industry 4.0 for torque technology

With the wireless module of the MANOSKOP® 766 DAPTIQ®, you can map tightening specifications just-in-time and read out tightening results fully automatically, as well as use them for documentation purposes in other systems. An investment in the future! But does it also pay off for small companies?

“That provides solutions for obstacles such as high capital expenditure.“
David SchoenenHead of Business Development | Digital Transformation

The solution

The basis had already been created – a torque spanner that can communicate bidirectionally and via which, in addition to data on tightening processes, other information on the condition of the tool can also be recorded. But how can a benefit-oriented business model with added value for the customer be derived from this data?

Equipment-as-a-Service (EaaS)

The consistent conversion of one’s own production infrastructure to a new technology requires comparatively higher investments. Here, the intelligence of the torque spanners can be used to no longer charge them at a fixed price, but rather for completed and documented bolting. This lowers the barrier to entry and opens up access to new markets and customers. This pay-per-use model was combined with other beneficial services to ensure a fully comprehensive equipment-as-a-service concept. These services include digital worker guidance, which prevents incorrect performance of the tightening processes, or a calibration service, which ensures that the torque spanner reports to STAHLWILLE and connected service partners in good time before the torque spanner needs to be calibrated and there is a risk of production downtime because the equipment may not be used at the time.
In the Siemens MindSphere ecosystem, codestryke’s task was to develop an infrastructure that enables the EaaS business model. This was realised on the basis of the codestryke EaaS solution, which creates complete transparency about the relevant key figures for all stakeholders involved. Value-added services that facilitate billing, factory management and maintenance were added on this basis in the further course of codestryke.

“We constantly improve our products with special emphasis on customer benefit.“
Timo SchmidtProductmanager Torque Technology | DAPTIQ®

Your benefits

Flexible pricing model

The pay-per-use part of the Equipment-as-a-Service business model enables the customer to turn high investment costs into dynamic operating costs. This lowers the barrier to entry and opens up access to new markets and customers.

Maximum error prevention

With the aid of pioneering production technology, bolting processes can be mapped quickly and reliably. With STAHLWILLE products, a smooth changeover is possible thanks to their intuitive operability and the tangible click.

Seamless documentation

With DAPTIQ® you are in control of the situation and can safely meet the growing pressure and demand for proven quality.

During use

Qualified screw connections verifiably documented. And: an overview of your equipment. Full transparency of use.

In billing

Through the solution, all necessary stakeholders have access to the billing-relevant data that makes the EaaS business model possible.

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