Smart energy management

Company name
J.W. Zander GmbH & Co. KG

Specialist wholesaler for building services
Freiburg, Germany

codestryke solution
VergeLink, IoT-Consulting, Softwaredevelopment

The initial situation

The ZANDER Group is one of the leading wholesalers in the field of building and electrical engineering. On the way to building a digital data highway between suppliers, fitters, business customers, and end users, ZANDER Freiburg turned to codestryke to generate unique selling points for parts of the product range via IoT solutions and to be able to sell digital services. In the energy monitoring sector in particular, customers, especially SMEs, are faced with major challenges. Standards and laws, such as ISO50001, require in-depth know-how and a complete representation of energy consumption. Companies with high energy consumption in particular must be able to delimit third-party quantities and optimise energy consumption in order to reduce taxes and costs for the EEG levy. Existing solutions on the market address large companies. These energy management systems are not an option for SMEs due to the high investment costs and the high know-how requirements.

“With codestryke as our partner for IoT, we can offer new services and differentiate ourselves from the competition.“
Patrick R. EgloffManaging Partner | J.W. Zander GmbH & Co. KG

The solution – ZANDER Energy Monitor

ZANDER had identified the problem together with several concerned customers and knew that an IoT solution could become a valuable addition to their product and service portfolio. Zander wanted to provide its customers with an IoT solution that would reduce energy consumption by identifying key consumers and inefficiencies. With its in-depth knowledge of Siemens MindSphere and with the product VergeLink – which enables the connection of field devices such as energy meters with just a few clicks – codestryke was able to convince ZANDER.

Together with Zander Freiburg, codestryke has developed a cost-effective and particularly user-friendly solution that combines all aspects that an SME needs in order to comply with directives and standards. Customers order the solution from ZANDER in a complete package consisting of energy meters, an industrial PC, VergeLink and a MindSphere code. In less than 5 minutes, the entire solution can be put into operation.

With the ZANDER Energy Monitor, customers can analyse all important energy data at a glance and identify optimisation needs. Individual buildings, floors, production units or main consumers can be viewed separately to avoid peak loads, validate energy-saving measures and prevent unnecessary consumption. A warning function for irregularities is also integrated.

“By working with codestryke and using VergeLink, we have reduced the cost of running the solution by around 75% and can provide customers with a simple installation in under 5 minutes.“
Patrick R. EgloffManaging Partner | J.W. Zander GmbH & Co. KG

In this IoT Use Case Podcast by Madeleine Mickeleit, learn how VergeLink has helped to enable smart energy management and thus sustainable efficiency improvements in energy consumption. In conversation: the Managing Director of J.W. ZANDER GmbH & Co. KG, Patrick R. Egloff, and the CEO of codestryke, Philipp Mayer.

Your benefits

  • Simple set-up

    Businesses purchase a complete package with everything needed to get started with the Energy Monitor. The set-up is done in 3 steps, can be done without external staff and can be done by any caretaker or electrician in just 5 minutes.

  • Intuitive operation

    Real-time access to energy data from buildings, machines or rooms enables optimisation in many situations. The application interface is intuitively designed and offers an excellent user experience.

  • Full transparency

    Sources of fluctuations or deviations in energy consumption can be quickly identified. Through precise analyses, optimisation potentials can be fully exploited. Customers regularly report energy savings potentials of €2,000 per month after just 2 weeks of use. The costs for the solution, on the other hand, are between 5€ and 75€ per month.

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