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Asset Condition-Monitoring

Initial situation

Machines and industrial components often consist of a large number of individual parts, some of which are very small. Each of these parts contributes significantly to the smooth operation of the machine or plant. It is therefore essential to regularly check, maintain or replace each part. This often involves a great deal of work and expense. Maintenance and repairs often take up a lot of time during which the machines have to be at a standstill. Particularly in the case of moving machines such as pumps or gearboxes, vibrations of parts can provide information about the condition and functionality.

iCOMOX™ – Intelligent Condition Monitoring Box

In cooperation with Shiratech, Arrow has developed a solution for monitoring vibrations. The solution combines simple and scalable commissioning with a wide range of performance and applications.

“By working with codestryke, we can offer our customers a customised complete solution with a fast rollout.“
Stephan BrandtKey Account Manager SIEMENS | Arrow Central Europe GmbH

The solution

With the iCOMOX™, Arrow and Shiratech have developed the optimal sensor solution for monitoring industrial equipment. After a simple commissioning, the iCOMOX™ enables the analysis of vibration, magnetic field, noise and temperature data. This allows condition monitoring and predictive maintenance to be implemented on a scalable scale at low cost.

By proactively monitoring and predicting damage to the machines, the maintenance timing and duration of the equipment can be greatly optimised. This prevents unplanned downtime and reduces maintenance costs to the necessary minimum. Real-time monitoring also makes it possible to increase the service life of the equipment and perform remote diagnostics via the app. The iCOMOX™ can be installed and connected in just a few steps. Various connectivity options (PoE, NB-IoT, Smart Mesh IP) allow use cases to be implemented regardless of the location of the equipment to be monitored.

Codestryke has developed an End2End solution for the iCOMOX in cooperation with Arrow. The End2End solution includes connectivity to the cloud as well as an application to analyse the data, set alarms and trigger machine learning on the sensor from the cloud. The MindSphere-based solution offers all the necessary functions to analyse the acquired data in an intuitive way and to derive necessary actions from it. In addition to the analysis of 25,000 TB/a through the use of suitable Big Data tools, the solution is equipped with AI methods through the extension of MindSphere with services from AWS, in order to be able to create use case-specific predictive maintenance models in no time at all.

“Great cooperation to create an End-to-End Solution from Sensor to Cloud.”
Thomas MuellerDirector Sales & Marketing EMEA | A.Y. Global Electronics GmbH

Your benefits

Wide range of applications

The iCOMOX ™ can be reliably used individually on manufacturing machines (motors, pumps, etc.), construction machines (drills, etc.), in buildings (lifts, escalators, etc.), in healthcare (large equipment), in the oil and gas industry, in logistics and transportation and in infrastructure (bridges, pipelines, etc.).


The software developed by codestryke turns the iCOMOX™ into the perfect sensor. Numerous connectivity features, guided onboarding and native integration into the MindSphere IoT platform make commissioning and using the sensor a breeze.

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